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Old bicycles are often seen as, well… old.
But that doesn’t mean they are worthless!

The bike industry as a whole has made the bicycle a disposable item that is meant to be used for a little while, then discarded. New models are released every year, with all new fancy parts and tech, leaving the old parts, tech and support behind. A shocking amount of those bicycles and parts are dumped into landfills every year because they are seen as old or non-operational.

I understand the want/need to have the latest and greatest. If you’re a competitive rider or just like new stuff, that’s totally fine! But what about all those old bikes that still work but need a little help? What about those folks that just want a reliable older bike? Or you’re simply on a budget and can’t afford a new $1,000+ bike?
Where do you go?

My overall goal is to reduce the amount of bicycles that are discarded every year, by restoring them to their original glory! Refreshing them with newer parts or salvaging what’s useful and recycle them properly.
 It’s that simple!

Let’s face it, riding a bicycle is not only fun, but good for you too (I know, eww, fitness, haha…) So if fixing up your old bike helps you get back out there, I would love to assist with that life choice.

Vintage bikes were built to last, and with a little love, can be enjoyed again! I’m willing to work with any bike you have and if budget is an issue, contact me and we can work something out!

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